Tools and Resources

We have gathered a selection of online tools and resources that may help you manage your money. These tools are provided by organisations that work with Advice NI.

  • Benefits Calculator

    This benefits calculator can help you find out what benefits you might be entitled to.

    Provided by entitledto
  • Budget Planner

    Our Budget Planner can show you where your money is going and help you to save.

    Provided by Advice NI
  • Cheaper broadband and phone packages

    If you are claiming certain benefits, you could qualify for a social tariff and save money on broadband and phone packages.

    Provided by Ofcom
  • Compare Bank Accounts

    This tool allows you to compare charges and fee's for different bank accounts.

    Provided by MoneyHelper
  • Credit card calculator

    You can use this calculator to find out how quickly you can pay off a credit card.

    Provided by MoneyHelper
  • Energy Comparison Tool

    You can compare energy tariffs for suppliers throughout Northern Ireland.

    Provided by the Consumer Council
  • Loan Calculator

    This tool can help you find out how quickly you can pay off a loan.

    Provided by MoneyHelper
  • Mental Health and Money

    Guidance for supporting customers.

    Provided by the Money & Pension Service
  • Mortgage Calculator

    Use this tool to help calculate your monthly mortgage payment.

    Provided by MoneyHelper
  • Online Budget Planner

    Take control of your household spending with this online budget planner tool.

    Provided by MoneyHelper
  • Overview of your Rights and Entitlements

    This booklet provides information on benefits, employment rights, debt and money, consumer, and housing issues.

    Provided by Community Advice Newry, Mourne and Down
  • Pension Calculator

    If you want to find out how much money you'll get when you retire, this tool can help.

    Provided by MoneyHelper
  • Pension Credit Calculator

    Discover if you can claim Pension Credit, and how much you might receive.

    Provided by GOV.UK
  • Resolver

    A free tool which can help you make a complaint online.

    Provided by Resolver
  • Safefood

    This tool can help with meal planning and food shopping.

    Provided by
  • Savings Calculator

    If you need to save for something, this savings calculator can help.

    Provided by MoneyHelper
  • Shopping prices comparison tool

    This tool allows you to find out how the price of different items have changed since last year.

    Provided by the Office for National Statistics
  • Spending Diary

    Our Spending Diary can help you to review your spending and spot where you might be able to reduce costs.

    Provided by Advice NI
  • The Demotivator

    A tool to show you how much you spend on non-essentials.

    Provided by Money Saving Expert
  • TV Licensing

    This tool provides information on Simple Payment Plans and how to get a TV license. 

    Provided by