Mortgages, loans and finance

Paying your mortgage will always be a priority payment. In this section you can learn about mortgages, housing debts, HP finance, and different types of loans.

  • Car Finance (HP, PCP, PCH)

    In recent years, the car industry has witnessed a substantial shift in the way consumers purchase cars. Over 90% of new cars now find their way to our driveways through various car finance options. These financing agreements offer flexibility and often require smaller upfront payments, making them a preferred choice for many.

  • Credit Reports and Credit Reference Agencies

    This factsheet explains the difference between credit reports, credit referencing agencies, credit scores and credit searches. It will detail what information is held on a credit report, how to deal with being turned down for credit, how to challenge incorrect information on your credit report and provide tips on improving your credit score. 

  • Housing Related Debts

    This factsheet provides information on housing related debts, such as mortgage arrears, negative equity, mortgage shortfalls, rent arrears and housing rates arrears.  It also contains advice on the help you may be able to get at dealing with your housing related issue, help you negotiate with your mortgage provider or landlord and where to make a complaint. 

  • Payday, Guarantor and Doorstep Loans

    The factsheet is to provide specific advice on payday, guarantor and doorstep loans. It will help you understand how these different forms of lending work, the common problems that often arise with, how a debt solution may affect these loans and how to help you make a complaint about these types of loan providers.