Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA)

Advice NI have been working with Survivors of Historical Institutional Abuse since 2013.

Now in partnership with Victims & Survivors Service (VSS) and WAVE Trauma Centre we deliver a range of advice and support services across Northern Ireland for victims and survivors of Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA). We also ensure that survivors living outside of NI have access to the support and services that they need. 

Services have been designed with HIA groups and others to ensure that they are client-led, readily accessible and responsive to the needs of survivors.

You can contact our dedicated HIA advisor Lucinda on issues to do with benefits, financial matters and the HIA Redress scheme on 028 92448750 or alternatively email lucinda@adviceni.net.

For further information regarding all the dedicated services available for victims and survivors of Historical Institutional Abuse please visit the Commissioner for Survivors of Institutional Childhood Abuse (COSICA) website.

For information on the HIA Redress Scheme please visit the Historical Institutional Abuse Redress Board website.