Our Move to UC work

Find out about the ongoing work Advice NI is doing with the Move to UC. This includes publishing research reports, delivering training for advisers, and offering information sessions for members of the public.

Move to UC: Get Ready research report

On 4 May 2023 the Advice NI Policy & Information team launched its research report into Move to UC at the Long Gallery at Stormont. The report highlights the concerns of advice sector advisers and benefit claimants around the upcoming migration to Universal Credit and makes recommendations aimed at mitigating negative impacts, especially for the most vulnerable.

We surveyed front-line advice staff, people who have already made a claim to Universal Credit, and those on legacy benefits waiting to move. They all highlighted serious concerns about claimants’ capacity to manage financially due to the 5-week wait for the first payment and the level of support for childcare and housing costs, as well as the accessibility of Universal Credit, particularly for people with low levels of digital literacy, mental ill health, and those in rural areas.

The report also makes a number of proposals with regard to the management of the Move to UC process, many of which would have little-or-no budgetary implications. The findings and recommendations have been presented to the Department for Communities, the Department for Work and Pensions, politicians and the media, and we continue to engage with all concerned to achieve the most painless transition for the people who will be affected.

Read the full report:

The Move to Universal Credit: Get Ready

You can also watch a live stream recording of the launch event at Stormont via Vimeo:

The Move to UC

Information & awareness sessions

Allied to our research report, Advice NI has also developed an information and awareness session for members of the public and non-specialists supporting people with aspects of their claim.

The aim of the session is to inform people about Managed Migration and make sure those affected are best prepared to make the move.

The session will cover the following aspects of the ‘Move to Universal Credit’:

  • the Managed Migration process, including the Migration Notice and the requirement to make a claim to Universal Credit;
  • how to make a claim for Universal Credit;
  • managing a claim for Universal Credit, including using the Online Portal, payment and assessment procedures and work-related requirements;
  • financial support, including legacy benefit run-on, transitional protection and the Contingency Fund.

If you are an organisation interested in hosting or delivering a Move to UC awareness session, you can get in touch using the Expression of Interest form online:

Move to Universal Credit Awareness Sessions

Adviser training

Advice NI’s Training team already provides an extensive selection of training related to Universal Credit, delivered both online and in-person.

Over the coming months we will be offering a number of dedicated Move to UC courses, beginning with Understanding Transitional Protection on Monday 7 August.

These courses will provide a detailed, up-to-date introduction to key features of the Managed Migration process for specialist advisers supporting people with their claims to Universal Credit.

Keep an eye on the Training section of the site for further courses as they become available for booking.