Consumer Energy Charter

The commitments within the Energy Charter have been made on a voluntary basis. All signatories will use best endeavours to implement the commitments as soon as they can and adhere to them to 31 March 2023.

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1) Financial commitment

  1. Electricity and gas suppliers will commit to making a financial contribution to a hardship fund to support customers struggling to pay their bills
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2) Pre-payment meter customer commitment

  1. From 1 December 2022, electricity and gas suppliers will support those in debt by reducing the debt repayment amount from a maximum of 40% down to 20%. In addition, they will also undertake a bespoke assessment of the customer’s ability to pay.
  2. Electricity and gas suppliers will ensure that customers on their customer care registers are not moved on to a pre-payment meter, unless the customer requests it.
  3. Electricity and gas suppliers will not compel customers in debt to move onto a pre-payment meter over the Christmas period (16 December 2022 to 20 January 2023), unless specifically requested by the customer.
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3) Debt

  1. For all credit customers, electricity and gas suppliers will continue to assess customers’ ability to pay, and if this identifies any issues, they will look to reducing repayment rates and/or extending debt repayment timeframes.
  2. Electricity and gas suppliers will review and commit that debt collections processes, including those carried out by their agents, will be strictly conducted in line with the Utility Regulator’s Code of Practice for Payment of Bills.
  3. Electricity and gas suppliers will make contact with those on their customer care registers and inform them of the best available tariffs.
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4) Communications

  1. Electricity and gas suppliers, government and consumer bodies will together, provide up-to-date, accurate information to consumers through the Consumer Council’s website, and their own individual social media channels.
  2. Suppliers will have staff appropriately trained to deal with the needs of vulnerable consumers and make this option clear to on their websites and other customer communications.

You can also download the Consumer Energy Charter as a PDF.

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