Bankruptcy Advice

Bankruptcy can be an effective way to deal with your debts but there are advantages and disadvantages. Find out about the process and how to get advice.

  • Bankruptcy

    This factsheet explains what bankruptcy is. It will provide details on eligibility for bankruptcy, debts that can and cannot be included, how assets including your home are treated, bank accounts and the associated costs.  

  • Basic Bank Accounts

    This factsheet outlines what a basic bank account is and why you may need one if you are entering a solution to deal with your debt.

  • Statutory Demands and the EJO Office

    This factsheet provides information and advice on statutory demands and court action in Northern Ireland. We explain what a statutory demand is, options for dealing with one, how to set them aside and some useful contacts. It also details information on the Enforcements of Judgements Office (EJO) in Northern Ireland, what powers the EJO has and how the various options they could take would affect you.