News Articles

  • eileen

    Advice NI are deeply shocked and saddened by the passing of Professor Eileen Evason.

  • nihe

    Following a lengthy review and consultation process that commenced in 2012, involving a Department-led review, independent research and a public consultation, the Northern Ireland Housing Association (NIHE) has begun the process of reforming the housing allocations process.

  • DfC

    The Ministerial Advisory Panel on Community Wealth Building appointed by the Minister for Communities in March delivered its independent report in October, including 26 recommendations to deliver real and sustainable change.

  • medical

    Following recent Tribunal User Forum events in Belfast and Omagh, the President of the Tribunal asked us to highlight some essential resources that all representatives should be aware of. 

  • cpag

    Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) have won a case in the Upper Tribunal on behalf of an EU national with pre-settled status claiming entitlement to Universal Credit.

  • NIOmbusdman

    An investigation by the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman has led to the Department for Communities repaying over £11,000 to a man after it found poor advice caused him to lose his existing benefits.

  • clanmill

    Clanmil has become the first housing association in Northern Ireland to supply free mobile data for customers who need it, thanks to its membership of the UK National Databank.

  • euss

    Advice NI in partnership with Migrant Centre NI continues to offer EUSS advice to EU nationals and their family members and family members of NI relevant persons.

  • allamby

    We're In An Income Crisis, Not A Cost Of Living Crisis

  • relat

    Money and relationships are more intertwined than most of us think. As a debt adviser, I see it every day.

  • costofliving

    Advice NI predicted 2023 would signal the beginning of an extremely challenging year for more people, as the cost of living crisis leaves household finances at trigger point.

  • ME Support

    Advice NI would like to welcome ME Support NI to the advice network. M.E Support NI is run by Volunteers with direct experience of how M.E affects people’s lives. They provide information, support and practical advice for people (including children), families and carers affected by M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and advocates on their behalf.