Our Vision

Advice NI's vision is of a society of confident, informed, and active citizens who can access their rights and entitlements.

Our Mission

Advice NI’s mission is to provide leadership and services to our members and ensure accessible advice services across NI.

Our Values

Advice NI holds a set of core values which are central to both what we do and how we do it. These values guide us in our work as a membership organisation and as a staff team and influence how we engage with our wider range of stakeholders.

  • Independence
  • Diversity and accessibility
  • Equality and social justice
  • Integrity, transparency and quality in all our work
  • A collaborative working approach 

Advice NI growth and sustainability principles

  • We will always strive to collaborate with, rather than compete with, our members
  • We will prioritise working with our members to deliver contracts/services
  • We will strive to work with voluntary sector organisations in the delivery of contracts/services
  • We will provide leadership that is responsive to a changing environment
  • We will endeavour to work with those who respect our values