Retirement Benefits

The welfare system is different for those who have reached State Pension age and there are certain benefits that are exclusively available to retired or older people.

Reaching State Pension age can also affect claims for other benefits and it is worth reviewing the rules of those other benefits to see what the impact may be.

Pension Credit

If you are in receipt of State Pension but your overall household income is low, Pension Credit can top it up. Earnings, pension income, some benefits and savings over £10,000 will be taken into account when calculating entitlement to Pension Credit.

Many pensioners that would be entitled to Pension Credit do not make a claim, which means they not only miss out on the extra income, but also extra support that is available to those in receipt of Pension Credit, such as help with health costs like prescriptions, glasses and dental treatment. We would strongly encourage all people of State Pension age to get in touch with their local independent advice centre for a benefit check.

More information about Pension Credit, application procedures and contact information can be accessed at nidirect:

State Pension

Winter Fuel Payment

The Winter Fuel Payment is an annual award of between £100 and £300 to help older people born before a certain date pay heating bills. Those in receipt of State Pension or certain social security benefits will get this automatically, while anyone else that is eligible will need to make a claim.

In light of the current cost of living crisis, the Winter Fuel Payment is being boosted by £300 for all those eligible to receive it during the 2022-23 payment cycle. See our page on the Cost of Living Payments for more information.

More information about Winter Fuel Payment, application procedures and contact information can be accessed at nidirect: