Energy Efficiency In The Home Keeping Warm and Well

NEA are concerned that the ‘perfect storm’ of higher energy prices, reduced incomes, and leaky, inefficient housing could put many households in Northern Ireland at increased risk of fuel poverty. These increases come at a time when many household budgets are already stretched thin.

However, simple changes to day-to-day activities could make big differences to household bills. Here are 10 energy savings tips that everybody can implement.

You can also read this factsheet as a PDF.

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1) Energy Saving Tips

  1. You can save around £55 a year just by remembering to turn your appliances off standby mode.
  2. Save an average of £60 on electricity a year by drying clothes on a clothesline, instead of using a dryer.
  3. Room thermostats allow you to set the temperature your home heats up to and maintains. Turning it down by only 1 degree could save you £80. 
  4. Spending one minute less in the shower every day will save up to £9 per person off your household energy bill each year.
  5. Only boil the water you need in your kettle. This can save you around £11 per year.
  6. Washing clothes at 30 degrees and 1 less cycle per week can save around £28 a year on energy.
  7. Effective insulation of your hot water cylinder is important, increasing the insulation to a British Standard Jacket 80mm thick, could save you £35 a year in the process.
  8. Switch off lights when not in use. This could save your household £20 a year. Switching to LED bulbs could save you between £4 - £13 per bulb per year.
  9. Using a bowl to wash up rather than running the tap could save you up to £25 a year.
  10. Draughtproofing windows/doors can save £40. Chimney draught excluder can save an additional £20. 
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2) Are you experiencing financial hardship?

Speak to your energy supplier if you are worried about your energy bills and to find out if you are eligible for additional services. To find out if you are claiming all of the benefits you are entitled to call:

Advice NI

Freephone Advice Helpline: 0800 915 4604


Make the Call Service

Freephone (Network charges may apply): 0800 232 1271


Check to see if you are getting the best deal for your energy

You could save hundreds of pounds a year on your bills by switching supplier or changing tariffs with your current supplier. Use a price comparison site.

Consumer Council

Telephone: 028 9025 1600



Additional Support

NI Energy Advice offers free independent and impartial energy advice to domestic householders in Northern Ireland – including advice about energy grants and other sources of help.

Freephone: 0800 111 4455



Belfast Warm and Well Project 

The Belfast Warm and Well Project is coordinated by National Energy Action (NEA NI) and is supported by Community Planning Partners from across Belfast. The project is available to vulnerable people who are finding it difficult to keep their home warm. NEA will work with local community and voluntary groups, to provide helpful independent and confidential advice and practical support. If you or someone you know is vulnerable and finding it difficult to keep your home warm, contact NEA on 028 9023 9909 or to see if they can help.

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3) Training and Advice

NEA are offering FREE Energy Efficiency training and advice sessions to organisations and households throughout Northern Ireland. These sessions can be delivered face to face or via zoom. Please contact Nichola MacDougall for further information:

Telephone: 028 9023 9909


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4) Keep up to date

Keep up to date with NEA events on Community NI, Eventbrite and social media:

Twitter: @NEA_NIreland

Facebook: @NEANorthernIreland

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