• Business Debt

    Business Debt

    ​A sole trader who ran into difficulties with HMRC

    A sole trader who had an engineering business ran into difficulties with HMRC when he received notice that he had liabilities totalling over £30,000 due for unpaid PAYE, VAT and self-assessment.
  • Tax and Benefits service helps client with late filing penalty

    This client attended an Advice NI Tax & Benefits Service outreach advice clinic in a stressed and anxious state.

    The client was a single, self-employed cleaner earning roughly £8,300 per year. He had outstanding late filing penalties owed to HMRC amounting to £5,415.07 in total.
  • Welfare Reform Helpline

    A client phoned the Independent Welfare Reform Helpline for advice on a PIP decision that was taking a long time.

    The client had migrated from DLA to PIP and in doing so had asked for a paper assessment.
  • Debt Action Helps Client to Keep His Family Home

    The client called our Debt Action service.

    He was married with two children, self-employed and a homeowner. Although, the client’s mortgage and other priorities were up-to-date, he was concerned about the level of his non-priority debt.