Health worker has income reduced due to COVID

A client approached Advice NI for debt advice as they had £37.000 in unsecured debt.

The Full Picture

They were married with non-dependent children, were a homeowner and their partner was not aware of the total amount of debt. The debt they owed had accumulated over time but got worse when they had to reduce their working hours due to COVID and extra family members returned to live at home.

The client was under pressure trying to work as many hours as possible to keep on top of payments, but felt like the situation wasn’t improving. They were concerned that while COVID continued there was a chance they could be made redundant. 

How We Helped

Advice NI’s Debt adviser assessed the client’s circumstances and assisted them to enter into a temporary Debt Management Plan in the hope that when their income stabilised or improved, they could consider an Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

The Debt adviser encouraged the client to seek support so that they feel less stressed dealing with their debt situation on their own.

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