Energy Bills Support

In addition to targeted support for those most vulnerable, there is also universal support for households and businesses being made available. This support is being delivered by the government through energy suppliers, so will not require action from consumers. However, you may be advised to contact your electricity and gas suppliers to ensure your contact information is up to date.

Energy Bills Support Scheme

This is a £400 credit that will be added to electricity bills by suppliers:

  • Every household will receive this support, regardless of their income.
  • Credited in 6 roughly equal monthly instalments.
  • People on traditional prepayment meters will either receive a voucher by text, email or post, or an additional credit at the top-up point.
  • The Prime Minister said recently that households in Northern Ireland would begin to receive this support from November.

If you want to check how you will receive the support, you should contact your electricity supplier:

Guidance provided by the government for delivery in England, Scotland and Wales gives an indication of how the support will be delivered in Northern Ireland.

Energy Price Guarantee

In addition to bill support, the government will also fund energy suppliers to restrict the unit prices that can be charged for electricity and gas until April 2023:

  • Average unit prices of 10.3p/kWh for gas and 34p/kWh for those on standard tariffs, with slight differences for prepayment customers.
  • Customers on fixed-rate deals will be eligible for a discount of ‘up to’ 17p/kWh for electricity and 4.2p/kWh for gas. If your current deal is already below the average price for standard tariffs, no discount will be applied.
  • Standing charges will not be affected.
  • A review will be conducted by the Treasury to consider how to support households beyond April.

More information is available from the UK government website.

Energy Bills Relief Scheme


Equivalent support is also being made available for all non-domestic customers:

  • Support will be provided for at least the next 6 months.
  • Available to businesses, voluntary organisations and public bodies.
  • Sets a baseline ‘government supported price’, which has been set in England, Scotland and Wales at £211 per megawatt hour (MWh) for electricity and £75 per MWh for gas.
  • Equivalent figures for Northern Ireland have not yet been determined.
  • Likely to shift to more targeted support to organisations most in need from April 2023.

Alternative Fuels Payment

The Westminster government has also committed to providing an additional £100 of support to those people not on the gas network, such as home heating oil customers. It is unclear at present how this support will be delivered, but we will update this page once details are provided.

We would strongly encourage home heating oil customers to use the Consumer Council’s Home Heating Oil Price Checker to inform themselves about current prices in their area prior to placing an order.

In addition, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s network of Oil Buying Clubs can be an effective way to reduce costs.