A Message from Bob Stronge, Advice NI CEO

The first three months of 2019 have seen a huge amount of change for Advice NI and the rest of the year looks set for much more to come.

It’s not surprising that we still face a number of challenges relating to Universal Credit. After May 15th mixed-aged couples will miss out on Pension Credit. We’re still unclear regarding Brexit so we still don’t know the full impact it will have on people in Northern Ireland, particularly concerning social security.

Advice NI is firmly in support of calls by Marie Curie and the MND Association to scrap the Special Rules process that offers support to those diagnosed with a terminal illness. The current system is unfair, undignified and needs to change. I also know the policy team will be focussing on the March 2020 mitigations cliffedge during 2019 – commencing with the Media Morning to be held at NICVA on the 8th April.

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As an organisation we’re undergoing rapid expansion at the moment. We’re delighted to welcome a number of new members and a significant number of new staff, not to mention current staff who are taking on new roles. Over the coming months you’ll be introduced to all of the new faces, either face-to-face, through social media or through the new staff spotlight here in Advice Matters.

Moving forward into 2019 will see Advice NI move into much needed larger premises. More information about the new location will follow in due course but it will allow all Advice NI staff to be situated in the same place. It will also accommodate our ever-expanding catalogue of training with better in-house facilities to deliver the courses.

All the best
Bob Stronge, CEO, Advice NI