Cost of Living Resources Guide

Advice NI has a briefing in the pipeline relating to the cost of living measures announced by the Chancellor, but as not all of the detail is currently available it may be a few weeks before it is quite at the stage to publish. However, we are conscious that many of you will be getting queries now about payments that are due to start going out in mid-July.

To that end, we have gathered together some key online resources to make sure that you have the information that is available at your fingertips. Advice NI has tried to limit this information to resources that we think will be useful to addressing client queries, rather than wider social policy implications.


The briefing will be far more specific about the rules governing the relevant payments, and the prospects of further measures such as the Energy Payment Support Scheme being implemented here. We are continuing to engage with both the Department for Communities and the Department of Finance on this and will let you all know as further information becomes available. In the interim, if there are specific queries that you cannot answer using the information provided here please don’t hesitate to get in touch either via Advicelink or by direct email.

Click here to read the Resource Guide.