Are you struggling with debt?

Accessing free, confidential and impartial debt and money advice can help you manage your money and debt issues so you can take back control.

Get FREE local money & debt advice from an ADVICE NI member

Advice NI is working in partnership with Citizen’s Advice England to provide a FREE Northern Ireland wide Debt Advice Service.
Our service can help people with a wide range of debt related issues including credit cards, loans, mortgage and rent debt.  Our advisers can advise people on a range of debt solutions including debt management plans, bankruptcy, individual voluntary arrangements and debt relief orders.  Advisers can also help people draw up a budget and look at ways in which they can maximise their income and reduce expenditure. 
Our service is available through a range of different channels including face to face, telephone and online.  We offer debt advice in each Council area and our Freephone helpline is available across Northern Ireland. 

Find an Advice NI member near you to help with your debt problem.

  • Email Advisers

    Email a Money and Debt adviser:

  • Freephone Helpline

    0800 028 1881

    Monday - Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm


These leaflets and guides will help you to take the first step in dealing with your debt. They will help you to understand what you can do and what our debt advisors can do to deal with your debt. They will let you know what your rights are and what action you can take. You can print a copy of these for your information.


In this section you will find answers to the most common frequently asked questions that our advisers have dealt with.


Links to useful information provided by other organisations

Specialist Support

Advice NI provide’s a Specialist Support Service for all Money and Debt Advisers for complex cases and queries. This service is only available to debt advisers, their managers or supervisors and is unable to respond to requests from the general public. If you are a debt adviser, manager or supervisor then you can avail of this service by sending a query to

Debt and Money Advice Training

Advice NI is the leading provider of Debt and Money Advice training in Northern Ireland. For further information about our training including who should attend, application, accreditation and fees please see our Training Brochure, visit the Wiseradviser website or contact


If you would like to know more about Advice NI’s Money and Debt Advice Quality Assurance Standard contact Sinéad Campbell, Head of Money, Debt and Quality Services at

If you were a client of the Debt Action NI service and would like to access your file please contact Advice NI, on 028 9064 5919 or Please note if you used the service your file will be securely held for 6 years from the date your case was closed. After the 6 year period your file will be securely destroyed.

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