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  • Living in a Post-Pandemic World

    29 September 2023 12:39
    • Social Policy Reports

    In 2023, the Consumer Council NI commissioned Advice NI to explore the challenges faced by clients availing of the debt service, considering the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ensuing cost-of-living crisis. Reflecting on these ongoing societal concerns, Advice NI was asked to report on the adversities faced by clients relating to their problematic debt.

  • The Move to Universal Credit: Get Ready

    25 April 2023 12:26
    • Social Policy Reports

    This report which sets out the findings of research conducted by the Advice NI Policy & Information Team. It highlights views, concerns and ideas relating to the ‘Move to Universal Credit’ which will see the managed migration of around 250,000 ‘legacy’ benefit claims in NI to Universal Credit.

  • UN Committee Economic, Social and Cultural Rights UK’s compliance with ICESCR

    26 September 2022 11:55
    • Social Policy Reports

    This paper contains information to help inform the UN Committee Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Committee’s questions or recommendations as they monitor the UK’s compliance with the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

  • Illegal Lending – the story continues

    12 September 2022 11:34
    • Social Policy Reports

    In 2019, the Consumer Council commissioned Advice NI to explore the human side of illegal money lending activity in Northern Ireland (NI). Then, the Consumer Council commissioned Advice NI to carry out a follow up report to assess if Covid-19 has had an impact on illegal lending. We were also asked to consider how Covid-19 has affected our debt services and what impact it has had on our clients. 

  • What's Next? The Future of Debt Advice

    26 April 2022 12:35
    • Social Policy Reports

    Our Debt Advice services are beginning to see a steady increase in demand, as we have already dealt with 34.5% more clients in 2021/2022 than during the same period for 2020/211. We envisage this trend will continue to rise in 2022 and remain high during 2023 and 2024.

  • It’s the Local Economy, Stupid!

    03 February 2022 11:11
    • Social Policy Reports

    ‘It’s the Local Economy, Stupid!’ sets out the contribution that the local network of independent advice centres brings to Community Wealth Building in Northern Ireland. 

  • Illegal Lending – The Human Story

    23 May 2021 14:05
    • Social Policy Reports

    In 2018, the UK government announced a new crack down on illegal lending for the first time ever Northern Ireland (NI). This work focused on an educational campaign to raise awareness of the support available for vulnerable communities in relation to illegal lending.

  • Mitigations on a ‘Cliff Edge’

    03 October 2019 10:58
    • Social Policy Reports

    Advice NI, Housing Rights and the Law Centre (NI) today (Friday 30th November 2018) launched a joint report which highlights the approaching 2020 ‘cliff edge’ when funding for the mitigation package agreed as part of the Fresh Start Agreement in 2015 is due to expire.

  • Rights4Seniors Supporting Active Engagement Project

    11 April 2019 11:19
    • Social Policy Reports

    Supporting people aged 55+ to go online and access their rights and entitlements

  • Evaluation of Advice NI's Building Resilience in Retirement Project

    11 April 2019 11:18
    • Social Policy Reports

    Building Resilience in Retirement Project Report

  • Expensive Lending in Northern Ireland: A Discussion Paper

    20 February 2019 15:31
    • Social Policy Reports

    The Executive must do more to tackle the damaging and dangerous levels of payday and illegal lending in Northern Ireland, according to a report produced by NICVA and Advice NI.

  • Food Banks Policy Report

    20 February 2019 15:23
    • Social Policy Reports

    This paper aims to explore the issues and provide a basis for further discussion of the growth of food banks in NI.

  • Making Universal Credit Better

    31 July 2018 09:40
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  • Managing Change Infographic

    05 June 2018 16:50
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  • Managing Change - Project Evaluation Report

    05 June 2018 16:47
    • Social Policy Reports

    27th April 2018

  • Punishing the Self-Employed

    08 December 2016 16:46
    • Social Policy Reports

    Universal Credit in Northern Ireland: Punishing the Self-Employed
    December 2016

  • MASP Evaluation Report 2014

    04 October 2016 17:32
    • Social Policy Reports

    Money Advice Support Programme Evaluation Report 2014

  • Benefit Sanctions in Northern Ireland Oct 2015

    11 January 2016 09:46
    • Social Policy Reports

    Advice NI has become increasingly concerned about the impact of benefit sanctions as applied by Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) decision makers based on information relating to claimants participation on the Steps to Success employment programme.

  • Tax_credits_econsultation_report_april04

    17 November 2015 11:01
    • Social Policy Reports

    Tax Credits: Looking Back, Moving Forward

  • advicenet_PensionCredit_report

    17 November 2015 11:01
    • Social Policy Reports

    Pension Credit - the First 60 Days