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  • Move to Universal Credit - September 2022

    06 October 2022 11:41
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    This is our next publication in a series of Advice NI Social Policy Briefing Papers focussing on ‘Move to Universal Credit’. The aim of the series is to clarify the issues relating to Northern Ireland and above all to put benefit claimants at the heart of the process.

  • Advice NI Social Policy Briefing Paper: Move to Universal Credit

    16 June 2022 10:46
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    Welcome to the first in a series of Advice NI Social Policy Briefing Papers focussing on ‘Move to Universal Credit’. The aim of the series is to clarify the issues relating to Northern Ireland and above all to put benefit claimants at the heart of the process.

  • The Anti Poverty Strategy and independent advice

    02 December 2021 11:36
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    Advice NI believe that there are fundamental points that need to be reflected in the anti-poverty strategy in relation to independent advice. The Strategy needs to reflect fully the recommendations of the Anti-Poverty Strategy Expert Advisory Panel. 

  • Universal Basic Income

    21 October 2021 13:58
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    Universal Basic Income is an automatic income for every U.K. citizen. It would provide a minimum amount for every citizen, regardless of means. This paper explores what a UBI is, what it could achieve, and how the concept could be explored for a pilot in Northern Ireland

  • Advice NI Briefing Paper - Community Wealth Building

    10 September 2021 12:49
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    The Combined Power of the Advice Sector as an Anchor Institution – A ground-up approach to Community Wealth Building

  • The Standard Assurance Unit Benefit Review

    18 August 2021 13:31
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    The Standard Assurance Unit (SAU) is a section within DfC that carries out benefit reviews. These reviews are also called Home Visit to Check Your Benefit Payment1 . Reviews can be conducted face-to-face but also over the phone. Since the COVID pandemic, they have been exclusively over the phone. The purpose of the SAU review is to determine whether claimants are getting the right amount of benefit based on their circumstances. Evidence discovered during the review can be reported back to DfC if it has an impact on the amount of benefit being paid.

  • Payment Exception Services & Post Office Card Accounts

    13 August 2021 14:46
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    A Post Office card account (POca) is a special bank account you could only get from the Post Office for automated government payments such as benefits. This briefing paper explains the incoming changes for benefit claimants who currently use a Post Office card account.

  • Housing Costs and New Tenancies

    31 May 2021 17:16
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    Housing costs associated with taking up a new tenancy can be difficult for many people to afford. How landlords handle new tenants can make all the difference when it comes to someone being able to access accommodation or not.

  • Redundancy: Debts owed to you by your employer - How to claim them from the Government

    30 May 2021 12:21
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    Despite the recent extension to the furlough scheme, Advice NI is concerned that, sadly, many businesses may find themselves unable to continue trading, or may need to reduce their staffing levels: As a result, many employees may face a redundancy situation.

  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Social Security Benefit Claimants

    28 May 2021 09:31
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    This paper explores the challenges facing vulnerable claimants; the current support provision from DfC and DWP; and recommendations to drive a more claimant-led safeguarding process, across all benefits.

  • Concerns about digital social security appeal hearings

    26 May 2021 12:36
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    In light of public health concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Northern Ireland’s president of Tribunals and The Appeals Service (TAS) have suspended all in-person oral tribunal hearings until further notice. Read the briefing paper from our policy team.

  • The independent advice network: Planning and Preparing for a No Deal Brexit

    12 May 2021 10:14
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers
  • Benefit Freeze

    10 May 2021 13:14
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    The [Work & Pensions] Committee has compiled evidence that shows that ending the benefits freeze a year early, [in 2019], would lift 200,000 people out of poverty. Read the latest briefing paper on the benefit freeze from our policy team.

  • Post-COVID Guidelines for the Advice Sector: Benching-marking against other sectors

    09 May 2021 16:45
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    The Advice NI policy team has compiled a range of guidance notes and information to help you prepare your offices and centres for the safe return of staff, ensure safe workplace and working-from-home practices, and support staff after the lock down.

  • Universal Credit and Redundancy Payments

    08 May 2021 10:53
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers
  • A Mutual Regional Bank: An Alternative to our Broken System

    07 May 2021 09:50
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    This paper discusses the concept of a mutual regional bank, an alternative to our current banking options which in their current form do not adequately offer the financial services that meet the needs of ordinary people or the real economy.

  • Welfare Reform Mitigations: Less Than 1 Year to Cliff Edge

    23 September 2019 09:19
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    On 8th April 2019, Advice NI and NICVA facilitated a media morning to highlight the welfare reform mitigations cliff edge NI faces in one year

  • Finance Support Briefing Paper

    12 September 2019 13:18
    • Social Policy Briefing Papers

    Finance Support is the unit responsible for managing the new social welfare financial support funds. Read the latest briefing paper from our policy team that covers the eligibility criteria and how to apply.