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Money Talks can help you manage your money. It is a free and impartial resource for people living in Northern Ireland

Money Talks Tools

We have gathered a selection of online tools that may help you manage your money. These tools are provided by organisations that work with Advice NI.

Money Talks Help Guides

  • Bankruptcy advice

    Bankruptcy can be an effective way to deal with your debts but there are advantages and disadvantages. Find out about the process and how to get advice.

  • Benefits

    Millions of pounds of benefits go unclaimed every year. Find out what you might be entitled to including Universal Credit, disability benefits and more.

  • Debt management

    Find out options for dealing with debt including information on Debt Relief Orders, Debt Management Plans, writing off your debts and how to get debt advice.

  • Mortgages and loans

    Paying your mortgage will always be a priority payment. In this section you can learn about mortgages, housing debts and different types of loans.

  • Savings

    Our information on savings will help you make the most of your money. Learn how to create a budget as well as tips to help you save more effectively.
  • Tax Advice

    Tax can be a confusing subject. Our tax section covers common issues related to income tax including how to deal with income tax debt.

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  • Business Debt

    free help and advice

    To speak to an adviser about Business Debt contact our FREEPHONE helpline:

    0800 083 8018

    Monday to Friday
    9am to 5pm
  • EUSS

    Free help with the EU Settlement Scheme

    To speak to an adviser about applying to the EU Settlement Scheme contact our Freephone helpline

    0800 138 6545

    Monday to Friday
    9am to 5pm
  • Money & Debt

    For help accessing FREE money and debt advice call

    0800 028 1881

    Monday to Friday
    9am to 5pm
  • Tax & Benefits

    Free help and advice

    To speak to an adviser about tax and benefits contact our FREEPHONE helpline:

    0800 988 2377

    Monday to Friday
    9am to 5pm

  • Welfare Changes


    To speak to an adviser about welfare changes contact our FREEPHONE helpline:

    0808 802 0020

    Monday to Friday
    9am to 5pm

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