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Advice NI worked in collaboration with Inspire Mental Health, to conduct a research project that will inform future policy and practice.  The aim of the “Managing Chang£ … What Works?” project was to investigate if Welfare Reform and money management training, combined with information, support and signposting, could have a positive impact on the wellbeing of people who use Inspire Mental Health Services.
View the final research report and infographic on Advice NI’s publications page:
The “Managing Chang£ … What Works?” project was funded by the Money Advice Service “What Works Fund”. It was one of 58 projects across the UK  focused on building evidence of the types of interventions that can make a measurable difference to people’s ability to manage their money (financial capability). The project was delivered against the backdrop of the ongoing Welfare Reform changes in Northern Ireland, i.e. changes in the administration of benefits, entitlement etc.  These ongoing changes are a cause of significant anxiety for Inspire service users.
Money and wellbeing are often linked. Poor mental health can make managing money more difficult and money worries can make mental health worse. The goal for this research was to develop a model of practice that works for people facing mental health challenges. The project research investigated if money management training, together with ongoing support and encouragement from a designated, accessible “Money Champion”, could have a positive impact on the money management abilities, and ultimately the mental wellbeing, of the people who use Inspire Community Wellbeing services within the changing environment created by Welfare Reform.
The project research report was launched at an event sponsored by MLA Mark H. Durkan, Chairperson of Stormont’s All-Party Group on Mental Health, and co-sponsored by MLAs Robbie Butler and Alex Maskey, also part of the All-Party Group, on 22 May 2018 at Stormont’s Long Gallery.
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