• Implementing quality processes to ensure your organisation can met the Northern Ireland Advice Quality Standard (NIAQS) can be overwhelming as well as time consuming.

  • It has been another extremely busy year for Advice NI’s Quality team. In the current Covid climate, the Quality team has had to quickly adapt and develop an effective approach to a number of aspects of quality.

  • Triage is often the first point of contact into an organisation. It aims to improve access to services by effectively managing demand whilst also meeting clients’ needs and expectations.  

  • The Peer Review process is when an adviser’s work is quality assessed by either one or a group of advisers, of similar competence and skills.  

  • Advice NI is keen to support our members in the delivery of high quality advice services and we are committed to working closely with all of our member organisations to help them prepare, achieve and maintain the Northern Ireland Advice Quality Standard (NIAQS).

  • The past year has been an extremely busy time for our members who are in the process of obtaining accreditation for the Northern Ireland Advice Quality Standard (NIAQS).

  • Covid-19 has made us look at how we do things differently.  The quality team at Advice NI has also had to adapt to ensure we are still able to support our internal teams and member organisations during these unprecedented times.