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  • Business Debt Service: 11 - DMPs

    15 April 2019 11:53
    • Business Debt Factsheets

    A debt management plan (DMP) is an affordable repayment programme which Business Debt Service will help set up for you. It is managed by a free independent debt management company.

  • Business Debt Service: Bankruptcy

    15 April 2019 11:52
    • Business Debt Factsheets

    Bankruptcy is a way of dealing with debts that you cannot pay. Whilst you are bankrupt any assets that you have might be used to pay off your debts.

  • Business Debt Service: 9 - Statutory Demands

    15 April 2019 11:51
    • Business Debt Factsheets

    This factsheet is about how to deal with, and set aside, a statutory demand. This factsheet contains information for statutory demands when you are personally liable for the debt, but not if the debt is owed by a limited company or partnership.

  • Business Debt Service: 8 - Partnerships

    15 April 2019 11:51
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    When two or more people carry on a business to try and make a profit, it is known as a partnership. The word ‘firm’ is also used when referring to a partnership. We use both words in this factsheet.

  • Business Debt Service: 7 - Tax Debts

    15 April 2019 11:50
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    This factsheet explains what you can do if you cannot pay your income tax bill. For information on the other types of tax contact us for advice.

  • Business Debt Service: 6 - Credit Control

    15 April 2019 11:49
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    Good ‘credit control’ procedures are very important to help make your business successful. This factsheet makes some suggestions that will help you to set up good credit control procedures.

  • Business Debt Service: 5 - Limited Company

    15 April 2019 11:48
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    This fact sheet gives information about private limited companies. We will use the terms ‘limited company’ and ‘company’ for the rest of this fact sheet. We explain the responsibilities of limited company directors and how to deal with any debts of the limited company.

  • Business Debt Service: 4 - Sole Traders

    15 April 2019 11:47
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    In this fact sheet, we describe some important things to consider when you are a sole trader, including: how to approach your business, important types of bills you have to pay. and the main options available to deal with your debts.

  • Business Debt Service: 3 - Business Leases

    15 April 2019 11:46
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    This fact sheet gives information about leases for business premises. We describe: what options you may have if you want to end the lease; what you can do if you cannot afford to pay your rent; and the action that your landlord can take if you have fallen behind with your rent payments.

  • Business Debt Service: 2 - Business Rates

    15 April 2019 11:44
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    This fact sheet gives information about non-domestic business rates, how business rates are calculated and what you should do if you occupy, leave or vacate a property. This fact sheet also gives information about how to deal with business rates arrears, what action Land and Property Services can take and how you can negotiate an arrangement to pay your debt back.

  • Business Debt Service: 1 - IVAs

    15 April 2019 11:43
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    An individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) is a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors. This agreement allows you to repay what you can afford towards your debts, with the remainder written off by your creditors when the arrangement is completed.

  • Business Debt Service: Tax Sheet 2021 - 22

    11 April 2019 15:49
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  • Business Debt Service: Extra Info for Budget Sheets

    08 November 2018 14:14
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    Please read this before completing a business and household budget sheet. If you wish to discuss a budget sheet with Business Debt please complete a business and household budget before contacting us if possible.