Money Management

We are currently offering FREE Money Management training funded by the Department for Communities (DfC) for those working with people impacted by welfare reform. For further information see Money Management: Supporting Communities with Welfare Reform in Upcoming Training.

Money Management Training

Advice NI has vast experience in the development, delivery and evaluation of Money Management (Financial Capability) training to both Advisers and others working in this area as well as delivery directly to the public.

Advice NI's delivery of Money Management training includes the delivery of:
  • Money Management Support programme funded by Ulster Bank’s Community Impact Fund.
  • Manage Your Money Programme providing money management advice directly to older people's groups. 
  • Manging Change funded by the Money Advice Service (MAS) and in partnership with Inspire to provide money management training to those with acute or chronic mental health conditions.
  • Building Resilience for Retirement funded by MAS to enhance digital money management skills of older people.
Advice NI’s off the shelf courses available in money guidance include the following and can be delivered on a bespoke basis:
 Course Title  Duration
Money Advice Support Programme
 2 Day Course
 Better Budgeting
 2 Day Course
 Savvy Borrowing
 1 Day Course
 Coping with Money Problems
 ½ Day Course
 Talking About Money at Home
 ½ Day Course
 Money Management for Mental Wellbeing 
 2 Day Course
 Financial Inclusion and Welfare Reform
 ½ Day Course
 Preparing for Retirement
 ½ Day Course
 Money Guidance for Mentors
 1 Day Course
 Supporting Clients with Money Challenges
 2 Day Course

Our Wiseradviser training in Debt and Money Advice covers a number of aspects of money management for advisers including Budgeting Skills. For further information see our Wiseradviser Programme, visit the Wiseradviser website or contact  

Upcoming Training

For current scheduled sessions see the upcoming courses below. Please keep checking our website for further sessions and locations. Scheduled sessions will be delivered at Advice NI offices in Belfast unless otherwise specified. The sessions are 1 day in length, however flexibility can be applied.

  • Wiseradviser: Court Action for Enforcement for Judgements Office - (28th February 2018)

    28 February 2018 - 10:00

    This specialist level course will equip money advisers with knowledge of the debt enforcement process in Northern Ireland and the role of the adviser when assisting clients. It will outline where an intervention to negotiate, advocate and formally represent by the lay dvocate can be actioned at...
  • Rates: Enforcement and Liability - (5th March 2018)

    05 March 2018 - 10:00

    This skilled level course provides a comprehensive overview of Rates in Northern Ireland. It will enable you to advise your client on their rights and responsibilities in relation to Rates including liability, exemption, calculations, bills, help with rates and the debt recovery process. This...
  • Money Management: Supporting Communities with Welfare Reform (14th March 2018)

    14 March 2018 - 10:00

    This fully interactive course will look at the potential financial impact of Welfare Reform and how to support those affected within the community. It covers the topic of budgeting, borrowing, spending, managing money within households, financial inclusion, digital inclusion, using online tools to...
  • Wiseradviser: Time Orders - (26th March 2018)

    26 March 2018 - 10:00

    This specialist level course will look in detail at the powers of the court to grant Time Orders, and the arguments to support the making of such Orders. It identifies when a Time Order is appropriate. This course will soon be accredited by OCNNI at Level 4.
  • Wiseradviser: Introduction to Providing Debt Advice (16th - 23rd April 2018)

    16 April 2018 - 10:00

    2 Day Course: This generalist level course is accredited with OCNNI at Level 3. It will help you understand the basic principles of money advice; explore the nature and extent of a debt problem and how to check your client’s liability.This course (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for attending...
  • Wiseradviser: Effectively Challenging Utility Debt - (21st February 2018)

    25 April 2018 - 10:00

    This skilled level course will enable you to advise your client on their rights and responsibilities under the relevant utilities legislation including gas, electricity and telecommunications. The course enables trainees to negotiate with Creditors using the Codes of Practice to which those...
  • Wiseradviser: Good Practice Dealing with Debt Advice - (9th May 2018)

    09 May 2018 - 10:00

    This course is designed for advisers dealing with debt at all levels, who want to provide a high quality, effective and measurable debt advice service. It provides an opportunity to explore key factors to promote good practice in dealing with debt cases which includes; cases management, referrals...
  • Wiseradviser: Debt Relief Orders: Approved Intermediaries & Complex Cases - (4th June 2018)

    04 June 2018 - 10:00

    This skilled level course follows on from pre-course materials available on The course is only relevant to those who are training as an Intermediary with an approved Debt Relief Order Competent Authority and those who have done so. In this workshop you will review case-studies...
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements: The Essential Guide (11th June 2018)

    11 June 2018 - 10:00

    This skilled level course will provide you with the ability to identify when an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is appropriate. It will explain the IVA procedures and enable you to make appropriate referrals to Insolvency Practitioners. This course is a module of the Insolvency Options...
  • Bankruptcy: The Essential Guide - (25th June 2018)

    25 June 2018 - 10:00

    This skilled level course will provide you with a basic step by step overview of bankruptcy legislation in Northern Ireland. It will enable you to identify when a bankruptcy is appropriate. This course is a module of the Insolvency Options course accredited with OCNNI at Level 3. This is a core...
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