Make it click

Advice NI has been working with the Good Things Foundation to deliver a new and exciting project called Make It Click.

What is Make It Click?

Make It Click is free for anyone to use and aims to strengthen individuals’ digital skills in existing areas – anything from how to use a word processor or a spreadsheet to embracing social media and email platforms.

The project is aimed at working-age people who use the internet in a limited way and would like to build their digital knowledge and skills to become confident, capable and safe users of digital technology. 

There are 10 subject areas available:
  • Word Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Online Calendars 
  • Online Security
  • Editing and sharing photos
  • Presentations
  • National Careers Service
  • Working from Home

How to register

Signing up to Make It Click as an Advice NI learner is easy and only takes a couple of steps:

1. Complete this short learning questionnaire 

2. Register on the Make it Click website. You can register by clicking on this link

.You'll need an email address to sign up and you will also need to set a password so you can login. 

When filling out the registration form please ensure that you put 'Advice NI' or the code '8005249' in the Centre field. (shown below)

Once you register on Make It Click, you will be able to access all the resources in the directory.

If you have any problems with getting registered or using Make It Click, you can email us at and someone will get back to you to help.

When you complete your learning

After you have completed your learning on Make It Click, you will receive a certificate showing what modules you have completed.

Please email us at with:
  • The names of the topics you have taken
  • The date(s) you completed them
  • How long it took you to complete
It is important that you do this as we are required to submit this to Make it Click. 

We may follow up with you by email to get the above information.