COVID-19 support referral

Asda, Iceland, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have now confirmed they will allocate a proportion of online delivery slots to people who have shielding letters.
To register for an online delivery slot you need to complete a form on NI Direct which can be accessed with this link.

The Northern Ireland Health Trusts are also distributing food parcels to vulnerable people who have been notified to shield by their GPs, who cannot afford food and do not have access to local support networks i.e. have no family who can do the shopping for them.

For those who are not shielding, but are in critical need of food, the local Councils are distributing food parcels to local foodbanks for onward delivery to those in need.

Support is also available to those who need help with medicine delivery, fuel and social contact.

This is only available to people living in Northern Ireland. 

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