The cost of a full membership to Advice NI depends on how many staff you employ. We also offer an affiliate membership for individuals and organisations who do not meet our full membership criteria but require access to Advice NI’s products and services.

Full Membership

Our full membership comes with a wide range of benefits and is open to eligible organisations that are committed to Advice NI’s vision, mission and values.
   Number of paid staff in organisation     Cost 
1    Centres with volunteers only     £58
2    Centres with up to and including 6 paid workers     £174
3    Centres with more than 6 but less than 15 paid workers     £290
4    Centres with 15 or more but less than 25 paid workers     £406
5    Centres with 25 or more but less than 35 paid workers     £522
6    Centres with 35 or more paid workers     £638

Affiliate Membership

By joining our Affiliate Membership Scheme you will have access to:
  • Our award winning accredited and non-accredited training courses
  • Our specialist information, advice and support services
  • Advice NI published reports and social policy updates
In addition you will have opportunities to:
  • Publish articles in our quarterly Advicematters E-zine
  • Attend regular Advice NI events and our AGM
  • Network with and promote services to other members within our network
   Membership Type     Cost 
1    Individual     £20
2    Voluntary Organisation     £60
3    Statutory Organisation     £120
4    Private Organisation     £120

We reserve the right to refuse Affiliate Membership to any organisation or individual we feel does not subscribe to Advice NI’s value statement.