If you need medical advice you should contact either your GP or NHS 111.

Medicine Delivery

A nominated person will be able to pick up your prescription for you so you should check if a family member or friend can do this, in the first instance. 

Some local pharmacies have a delivery service, and many are now offering this service for the duration of the pandemic in partnership with a local community or voluntary sector organisation. 

You can contact your local pharmacy to find out if they offer their own prescription delivery. Some pharmacies may charge for this service. 

Most pharmacies have changed their opening hours and will open at 10am and close between 1pm and 2pm. You can find out more information here.

If you require a prescription to be delivered to your home and have no one else to do this for you can complete this form or click here to find details of your local council funded independent advice service who can help. You can also search a local organisation or group that can provide support on Community NI.

It is recommended that people nominate a pharmacy – preferably the one they visit most frequently. Prescriptions can take up to 72 hours to prepare and dispense, so people need to factor this in when they are ordering or reordering.