If you're worried about topping up electricity or heating your home we have some information that can help.

Energy providers have agreed that the disconnection of credit meters will be completely suspended.

If you are struggling to manage repayments to your energy provider contact them to see what help they can provide. New guidance means that your debt repayments and bill payments ​could be reassessed, reduced or paused where necessary.

Anyone who has difficulties negotiating with their supplier can contact our Debt advice service for support.

You can get more information on home energy on the Consumer Council website.


Check individual provider’s website for help on topping up or billing issues:




Oil providers are considered 'key workers' so you should still be able to order oil from your supplier as normal.

You may have to wait a few extra days for a delivery so it is a good idea to order oil in advance if possible.

The Northern Ireland Oil Federation has a list of registered local oil distributors.