Welfare Reform

The Northern Ireland (Welfare Reform) Act was given Royal Assent on 25th November 2015. This provides for significant changes to the benefits system.

Welfare Reform Stories

Changes to the benefits system will include the introduction of Universal Credit, the introduction of Personal Independence Payment, changes to Housing Benefit, changes to Employment and Support Allowance and the introduction of a more severe sanctions regime.

Welfare Benefits: Myths and Misconceptions

Over the last number of years we have seen much of the media demonising benefit claimants. Television programmes such as Channel 4’s ‘Benefit Street’ have fuelled the debate around welfare benefits. A lot of the discussions have been based on emotion and not fact. Advice NI is eager to challenge the myths and misconceptions around welfare and social security.

As part of our Civic Activism Project we want to give you a voice. Below are a number of myths and misconceptions on benefit claimants that have been busted using reliable evidence.

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All information will remain anonymous, collated and will be treated as evidence for our Civic Activism Project which aims to capture the impact of Welfare Reform in Northern Ireland.