The Vine Centre

An adviser at The Vine Centre in Belfast referred a client to the Belfast Citywide Tribunal Service (BCTS) whose son (age 15) was disallowed Disability Living Allowance.

Belfast Citywide Tribunal Service represents clients who wish to appeal Social Security Agency (SSA) decisions on benefits, including Employment Support Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independent Payment and Universal Credit. It enables clients to challenge decisions, assisting them through the process and representing them in both an Appeal and Tribunal setting.

Help from BCTS

The child suffered with Crohns Disease and Colitis. BCTS contacted the child's mother and went over the process of referral to BCTS and arranged for her to meet with the tribunal representative. The child's school provided BCTS with his educational statement of need. The tribunal representative discussed the appeal hearing process and prepared the child's mother for the appeal hearing in Cleaver House.

The Outcome

Belfast Citywide Tribunal Service provided representation at the appeal hearing and the child was subsequently awarded High Rate Care Disability Living Allowance (£82.30 weekly) for 3 years.  As a direct reult of this outcome the child's mother was able to claim Carer's Allowance (£62.10 weekly) and additional Tax Credits (£84.90 weekly).  The appeal helped this family claim an additional £229.30 per week to which they were entitled.