Advice NI members are spread across Northern Ireland and in the year 2019/20 they dealt with 540,983 enquiries.

Members can be categorised as being either generalist, specialist or targeted advice providers.

Generalist advice providers

Generalist advice providers tend to have been formed by local people in response to local needs. The advice service may be part of a wide range of community development activities, or alternatively advice may be the sole purpose of the organisation. Local generalist members tend to serve the most deprived geographical areas of Northern Ireland.

Specialist providers

Specialist providers focus their service on a particular subject, where comprehensive, in depth expert knowledge of a specific subject or topic defines the service provided.

Targeted Providers

Targeted providers tailor their service towards the interests, needs and demands of a specific, definable target group. Services are bespoke and authoritative in application due to familiarity with and expertise in understanding and addressing the problems, queries or barriers experienced by the particular client groups.

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Advice NI members are spread throughout Northern Ireland