Deaf Equality Training (Members Only) (FREE)

Tuesday, 18 December 2018 - 10:00am to 1:00pm

British Deaf Association (NI) will be delivering this training event, and there will be a range of topics included in this 3 hour training session which has been tailored to specifically match the needs of advice workers who may come into contact with Deaf people during their sessions dealing with the public. BDA are aware that are many changes taking place such as PIP and Universal Credit, and know that a high percentage of Deaf people are especially concerned about these changes, and the potential outcomes, so there is a high likelihood of an increase in requests for advice.
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The aim of the training is to raise the understanding of the participants regarding such things as the barriers faced by Deaf people (in particular in relation to the welfare reform changes) deafness and the variety of forms it can take, cultural differences, communication needs of Deaf people, the issues that Deaf people struggle with or cause them difficulties. The training will also develop skills such as: increased ability to communicate with Deaf people, increase confidence when meeting and interacting with a Deaf person, how to work with interpreters. BDA (NI) have designed the training to be general enough to assist staff any time they meet Deaf clients going forward but we will take time to focus on the concept and process of welfare reform as well as this is the most imminent subject. To take an example from the PIP's assessment form - the question "Can you cook for yourself" - most Deaf people would answer yes and an advice worker without any further cultural and deafness knowledge would simply take that answer on face value. However, for many people English is NOT their first language and evidence shows the average reading age for many Deaf people is around 8 years old. So this brings into question if a Deaf person can read and understand cooking instructions on ready meals, do they understand the concept of healthy eating and five portions a day etc. Delving deeper (which the advice worker will only know to do if they have that background of understanding) is crucial to get a full picture of the Deaf person's needs.

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