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A Change in Family Circumstances

​"Before I saw the adviser I couldn’t visualise a way out of my situation"

A client was recently separated from her abusive husband and was unaware that he had stopped paying their joint mortgage and secured loan. The lender was forcing repossession and as the client could not afford repayments she had to find alternative accommodation.

Her debt totalled over £120,000 and benefits were her only income. After seeking advice, the client decided to apply for Bankruptcy. The adviser helped her complete the forms and represented her in court. The client was declared bankrupt enabling her to make a fresh start.

Help and support

The client explained:

“Before I saw the adviser I couldn’t visualise a way out of my situation. I felt I had no one to turn to until a friend advised me to speak to Debt Action NI. The adviser explained the different options for my situation. He also assisted me with filling out the appropriate forms and has supported me through this ordeal. I can’t praise the adviser enough for the support leading up to the court appearance and after court appearance.”