Working for change

The independent advice network is working to give a voice to people in Northern Ireland who are adversely affected by social policies such as social security, housing and income adequacy.


Welfare Reform

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The Myth

Work guarantees a route out of poverty

The Facts

Low pay is one of the major contributory factors of poverty in Northern Ireland.  In Northern Ireland over half of adults aged 30 to 59 in poverty live in a family where someone is in work.

Why this matters

The Northern Ireland (Welfare Reform) Act was given Royal Assent on 25th November 2015. This provides for significant changes to the benefits system.


Food Poverty

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Benefits withdrawals and Food Banks

Advisers often have to refer clients to food banks because their benefits have stopped due to administrative problems

Why this matters

Food banks fulfil a vital role as they help to support people who find themselves or their families without food. Over the last few years particularly as a result of the economic downturn there has been a rapid growth of food banks providing emergency help and assistance to people across Northern Ireland. In order to help understand the rise in reliance of people on emergency food Advice NI has carried out research.

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