Welfare Reform Update

The Minister for Social Development moved the Welfare Reform Bill for it’s Final Stage on 26th May. As a valid petition of concern was presented on Friday 22 May in relation to the passing of the Bill, the vote was on a cross-community basis, meaning it required a weighted majority of 60%, with at least 40% from each of the unionist and nationalist designations. The voting was as follows:

Total Votes 97 Total Ayes 58 [59.8%]
Nationalist Votes 39 Nationalist Ayes 0 [0.0%]
Unionist Votes 50 Unionist Ayes 50 [100.0%]
Other Votes 8 Other Ayes 8 [100.0%]

Therefore the Welfare Reform Bill fell.

Further information on the Final Stage debate can be found here.