Welfare Reform NI: Looking Back – Moving Forward

As part of The Building Change Trust’s Democracy Day activities at the Imagine Festival Belfast, Advice NI ran an interactive event to showcase how we have been capturing the impact of Welfare Reform on citizens across Northern Ireland.  
The event, which was a sell-out, took place of the 24th March at the MAC Belfast.

For the past 18 months, Advice NI has been delivering a Civic Activism project which set out to: -
  • Challenge the myths and misconceptions around welfare reform and social security;
  • Capture citizen’s experiences and fears;
  • Enable benefit claimants to have more influence, a louder voice and be better informed.
The projects outcomes and impact helped to set out the agenda for the event which included: -
  • Audience participation via live voting on the facts behind common myths and misconceptions;
  • Awareness raising of Welfare Reform issues through a video production highlighting the harsh realities of the impact of Welfare Reform on citizens;
  • Telling the story of Welfare Reform through a narrative of the Northern Ireland journey towards full implementation of the reforms and the likely future implications on citizens;
  • Animated infographics exhibiting our civic activism through use of 5 tools from the democracy toolkit;
  • Interactive storyboard allowing people to share their thoughts and feeling throughout the event. 
Although our Civic Activism project will be completed by the end of March 2017, we are still keen to continue with the work and encourage citizens to tell us their story. 

You can get involved and help us by forwarding stories of how Welfare Reform has and is impacting your clients.

You can also encourage citizens to: - Please feel free to contact arfawn@adviceni.net if you would like further information on the project or would like us to come out and deliver a Welfare Reform Civic Activism workshop to your service users.