Robinson Way partners with Callcredit to deliver new propensity to pay model

Robinson Way has partnered with Callcredit Information Group, to provide a bespoke propensity to pay score model that utilises customers’ credit information.

In choosing to work with Callcredit, Robinson Way now has access to a tailored scorecard that will enable evaluation of consumer credit behaviour and propensity to pay. This information is then used to determine collection strategies and prioritise which customers to contact by utilising the propensity to pay score.

To further streamline these priorities, Robinson Way has developed a bespoke customer credit file summary using Callcredit’s Integrated Collections Data Screen, which provides collection agents with a view of a customer’s financial circumstances, enabling them to make an informed decision about the customer’s ability to repay.

Robinson Way has also worked closely with Callcredit to define and tailor the credit system alerts that Callcredit’s CallMonitor product provides. This further enhances effective account management and Robinson Way’s data cleansing strategy.

“With the increased focus on understanding the customers’ circumstances and affordability the data provides further support with tailoring the collection strategies to individual customer needs and highlights where collection activity should potentially cease,” says Louise Schofield Head of Operations at Robinson Way.

“The way that we can now segment and prioritise data to drive collection strategies is having a positive impact on collections, compliance and improving the customer journey. Working with Callcredit’s specialist Collections and Recovery team we have developed a new way of utilising data to complement our existing goals and strategies,” concludes Louise.

Article by Credit Man