Money Management: Supporting Communities with Welfare Reform

Money Management: Supporting Communities with Welfare Reform was a training course offered by Advice NI from October 2017 until May 2018.
The aim of the course was to equip those working in the community with the skills to support clients whose finances might be negatively impacted by Welfare Reform changes. Delivered concurrently with the roll-out of Universal Credit across NI, it offered participants a comprehensive set of money management skills including budgeting, saving, borrowing and debt management and included a signposting package that they could use to support their clients.
During the eight months that the training was offered, 62 sessions were delivered to 602 participants from over 96 organisations. Training sessions took place with participants from organisations based in all eleven NI council areas. This wide-reaching training received extremely positive feedback from participants with 97.76% finding the training either very useful or useful. It was also clear from feedback that participants felt that there was a need for more training like this to be disseminated as widely as possible, especially to grassroots community organisations.

Many of the participants commented on how useful the entire course was for them with one participant stating ‘the entire course was worth it and most useful as it is an important topic to cover’. The course focused on delivering a challenging topic in an open and welcoming manner and many participants appreciated this approach, ‘Course given in terms I understood and felt comfortable about asking questions and contributing in discussions,’ and ‘Q &A was great – being able to ask questions throughout.’ Overall the feedback from the training was overwhelmingly positive with one participant commenting ‘You can’t improve perfection!!’ when asked how the course could be improved.

The feedback we have received has been invaluable in helping us consider how money management training can most effectively support people in the community. However, we are still seeking input with this and would be really grateful if anyone who attended the Money Management training would use the link below to complete the three-month post-training survey. Any information we get will help inform the future place of money management training within communities.

Money Management Post Training Survey: