Funding for Older People's Groups

Every organisation in the community and voluntary sector is working hard to sustain the great work they are doing. Funding can be the lifeline for many.

Older people’s groups – from the largest regional organisations to the smallest local groups – can all benefit from funding.

Advice NI’s John Bradbury has been talking with groups across the country that worked with his Manage Your Money Better project. He says:

“The times are tight for funding opportunities but some of the smaller groups we worked with didn’t even know that they could apply for funding. We were able to direct them to the great resources that the likes of Age NI and NICVA provide.

They told us that it would be handy if we highlighted some of this funding in the one place so we shine a spotlight for Funding for Groups on POP NI, our online community guide for older people.”

John has been using his previous experience and contacts as a fundraiser to collect information on potential funding available. From here-on-in, the POP NI team will be posting this as news and popping it into the POP NI calendar if there are any deadlines looming.

So, if you are the mover and shaker of your group, sign up to POP NI and create your own group page – it is free and easy to use. Whilst you are there, you can check whether there is any potential funding for your group. As John says, “If you’re not in, you can’t win.”