Debt Action NI Service in Newry celebrates success

The success of Debt Action NI in Newry and Mourne was celebrated at an event held in Riverhouse, Newry on Wednesday 10th November.

The continuing free face to face debt advice service was established in January 2010 to help people in the Newry and Mourne area who are having difficulty managing their money and keeping up with financial commitments.

To date the advisers have helped nearly 100 people deal with £1.06 million in debt.
Speaking at the event, Alison Smyth, debt adviser, said "its important people confront their debt before it becomes a problem, particularly in the run up to Christmas. People should not be ashamed of their debt, no matter how large or small. The key is to confront it early before it becomes a problem."
Alison also said that the service has had a lot of successes. She said "there have been cases where people have come to us on the day they were to be evicted and we have been able to sort that out. We even had a case where we managed to get the sizeable debt of a young man with learning difficulties completely written off. he was completly taken advantage of by irresponsible lenders, but he did the right thing and came to us."
Local branches of the Citizens' Advice Bureau, Samaritans and Mindwise attended the event along with Mayor Mick Murphy and MLAs Mickey Brady and Dominic Bradley. Mr Bradley commended the group for their work saying "I believe this service will be a lifeline to many and I would strongly urge anyone with concerns about their finances to take a positive step to resolve them by contacting Debt Action NI."
For further information, you can contact Roisin Walton on 028 3082 5520.