Debt Action NI gets £4,500 Debt Written off Using the Debt Mental Health Evidence Form

Since the launch of the integrated Debt Action NI service in August 2012, it has helped over 15,500 people deal with 214.7 million of debt covering nearly 39,000 debts.

Our advisers regularly assist clients who have health issues including physical and mental health issues and they have been successful in a number of cases of securing a debt write off based on this.  

In one case our Downpatrick adviser was able to assist a client who has autism and other learning difficulties.   The client had a mobile phone on a contract for £30 per month.  The client ran up a bill of £4,500 due to a large number of international calls as he believed that the unlimited calls included in the contract meant that he could ring anywhere.  The adviser gathered medical evidence from the client’s GP and wrote to the mobile phone company to request a debt write off.  The mobile phone company agreed that they would no longer pursue the debt on the basis of the evidence provided. This was a great relief to the client and his family as they had no means to repay the debt.    

Debt Action NI has a number of access options. Clients can call our Freephone helpline on 0800 917 4607 to speak directly to an adviser between 8am and 9pm Monday – Friday and 9am -3pm on a Saturday. They can browse our dedicated website, where they can send an appointment request, email an adviser, chat to our virtual adviser or use our online budgeting tool. We also have a list of the contact details and location of advisers in local areas on our website. Alternatively, clients can also text the word ‘Action’ to 81025 and an adviser will call them back. Advisers offer face to face appointments and home visits to those who are most vulnerable.