Consortium Begins Work on 2015/16 Priorities

The NI Advice Services Consortium – a partnership between AdviceNI, Citizens Advice and Law Centre (NI) – has begun work on our priorities for the 2015/16 year.
Our areas for work this year have been informed by the Department’s new ‘Advising, Supporting, Empowering’ strategy for generalist advice services, and include areas such as

  • further development of co-ordinated training for front-line advisors;
  • lobbying for changes in public policy, and representing the sector on policy debates;
  • developing a consistent approach to Management Information Statistics;
  • supporting front-line advice centres through the reform of local government;
  • implementing an NI Advice Quality Standard, to assure our new Councils and other funders of the quality of all of our members’ work.

Consortium working groups in Policy, Training, MIS and Quality will be undertaking these activities under the direction of the Consortium’s Executive Committee, which consists of the Directors of each Consortium member.
Any queries, suggestions or feedback about any aspect of the Consortium’s work can be directed to our co-ordinator, Stephen Orme, at