Annual General Meeting 2014 - Working Together to Meet Need

Advice NI highlighted an alarming growth in the number of people seeking access to foodbanks as a result of continuing social deprivation with over 11,000 people accessing free food parcels in the past year.

Launching the organisation’s annual report at the Annual General Meeting on the 28th November, Advice NI Chief Executive Bob Stronge said that the growth in the numbers of people who need help to eat is a serious issue for everyone.

“Recently we have been hearing much about economic recovery. Unfortunately this recovery is a very long way off for many people across Northern Ireland. Many approach advice services feeling they have nowhere left to turn as they grapple with job loss, job insecurity, poverty, mental/physical ill health, debt and many more issues that are proliferating due to the recession and austerity measures. Advisers offer advice and advocacy in relation to the main issues presenting such as debt, social security, tax credits, housing and employment. However, they are also increasingly referring people to other services such as food banks, debt and counselling services and other statutory and community services to ensure that immediate needs such as lack of food are met.”

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