Who Does What for Consumer Protection in Northern Ireland? A Brief Overview

Advice NI launch an Information Briefing aimed at raising awareness of the major players involved in consumer protection in Northern Ireland, including in the important area of scams and illegal money lending.

Speaking about the Briefing, Kevin Higgins, Head of Policy, Advice NI said:

“We are indebted to our Research Volunteer Yuji Yamaguchi for carrying out this important piece of work. Now more than ever consumers need to be aware of their rights and how to enforce them and this guide will assist advisers and the general public alike to understand some key consumer protection issues, the key players involved in consumer protection and how to seek help and support when things go wrong.”

Yuji Yamaguchi, Research Volunteer, Advice NI added:

“I am deeply grateful to Advice NI for the opportunity to carry out this piece of work and I am grateful to all the stakeholders for their engagement in the research. It has been immensely fulfilling on a personal and professional level; and I trust that the ‘Who Does What’ guide will be of practical use for advisers and the public in Northern Ireland”.

At the launch, Mabel Stevenson, Utility Regulator said:

“The Utility Regulator is pleased to have played a part in the production of this report. It is crucially important that consumers are aware of the range of protections that exist and this report helps to make this information clear and accessible.”

Ronan Convery, Senior Empowerment Officer at the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland added:

“It was great to meet Yuji and help him put together this guide to consumer protection in Northern Ireland. The guide provides an overview of the wealth of support that is available for consumers in Northern Ireland, including the functions of the Consumer Council, which include consumer empowerment, complaints investigations, undertaking research, and representing consumers.”

Download a copy of the ‘Who Does What’ guide here.