Support through the Peer Review Process

The Peer Review process is when an adviser’s work is quality assessed by either one or a group of advisers, of similar competence and skills.  

The process benefits advisers by learning to of audit the casework of other advisers and enhances the sharing of good practice and experience. 
In Advice NI, the quality team facilitates Peer Reviews with their advisers, using the same process as the NIAQS quality of advice audits, the advisers involved have fed back that they have found it very beneficial for their development and case recording skills. 
One of our member’s adviser recently said:

‘I found the recent Peer Review Meetings extremely beneficial.  They provided me with opportunity to discuss cases in depth, with the quality team, thus helping me to think more critically about my own work in a non-biased manner.  This, in turn, provided me with increased confidence, good learning outcomes so as to achieve Advice NI Quality Standards.’

Peer Review may have its own challenges, but in Advice NI quality team, we have found it works best for Advisers when carried out in a structured and supportive environment.  It has proven to be an effective tool to help identify areas of good and best practice for individual advisers, promoting consistency and continuous development in advice work and most importantly, improve services to the clients who access our advice services.  
Currently, there are three member organisations receiving support from Marie Gilmore, Advice NI’s Quality Manager, to establish a Peer Review process in their centres. 
There are a number of scenarios where this process may work well for an organisation, for example:
  • Staff learning and development;
  • Where a specific project provides specialist advice outside that of general advice;
  • Where a project provides targeted advice in one specific area;
  • Where there is a small advice team in organisation with no assessor available; and
  • Where there are lone advisers within two advice organisations.
If you would like to find out more about the Peer Review process and what it involves, then contact
Marie Gilmore, Quality Manager
028 9064 5919