Specialist Advisors - Welfare Reform Support Project

The Advice NI Welfare Reform and Support Project (WRSP) continues to deliver Specialist and Targeted advice to help ensure that there an extra layer of assistance to clients who may be deemed more vulnerable due to their circumstances or disabilities.

Successful partnerships have been established with a number of key partners, including: -
Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)
A successful referral process has been set up with RNIB which has involved a number of meetings and information sessions with sensory support social workers throughout the various Northern Ireland Health Trusts.  To date this referral partnership is working well and the advisors are undertaking a number of home visits to clients with visual impairment to help ease the pressure of going through DLA to PIP transition. 
Mind Wise New Vision
The project has developed a good working relationship with Mind Wise in the hospitals covering the different trust areas of Northern Ireland, including the Brain Injury Unit in Musgrave hospital, and an outreach advice clinic is provided on an adhoc basis depending on need in some of the group resource centres.
The project specialist advisors have an outreach and referral system in place in NIACRO to assist on their STEM project which supports and assists migrant workers and their families who may be affected by hate crime.  In addition to this, assistance would also be provided for asylum seekers and those with temporary right to remain. 
Motor Neuron Disease Association
The project works closely with the Motor Neuron Disease Association, and have developed a successful referral process for clients through the mediums of email, telephony and face to face advice. 
The service also works with a number of organisations that target: -
People with Hearing Loss
Links and referral systems have also been established both with charities and statutory bodies who are supporting deaf clients or those with hearing impairments.
People with Learning Disabilities
Over the last year we have been delivering awareness sessions to various groups, such as Unite the Union, CFS and ME, which has also helped to develop and maintain working relationships with these adults and their families.
People impacted by Trauma
Through the project the specialist advisors have established an outreach and referral process to co-inside with their counselling sessions for those impacted by trauma.
Suicide Awareness
The project also works closely with Suicide awareness groups in West Belfast and has outreaches in both wet and dry hostels.
Low Income families
Information sessions take place both with USEL and Millfield Technical College which helps to target those in our communities who may be low income families and may also be impacted by welfare reform.
The service can be contacted by Free phone 0808 802 0020 or by emailing welfarechanges@adviceni.net