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The Private Rented Sector Access Scheme

One of the ways we have sought to do this is by the introduction of a Private Rented Sector Access Scheme. It will help to provide access to the private rented sector as an alternative to waiting for social housing in high demand areas.How does the scheme work?The scheme is operated by Smartmove Housing. They source good quality properties in high demand areas and make them available to people who are homeless on the social housing waiting list. Initially, the scheme is available in 12 areas - West, South and North Belfast, Ballymena, Collon Terrace, Waterloo, Waterside, Newry, Lisburn Antrim Street, Downpatrick, Antrim and Castlereagh. Smartmove Housing removes the need for costly up front deposits by administering a rent bond guarantee scheme for each tenancy for a 12 month period, and also provides a management service for participating landlords for six months (including landlord/tenant mediation where necessary). There is also an advice and support service for tenants where necessary. Smartmove Housing also operates a savings scheme.Who is eligible?The scheme is aimed at longer term homelessness applicants but may eventually be extended to include anyone seeking alternative options to their housing needs. Applicants in the first phase of the scheme, however, must be registered on the waiting list to be housed in one of the 12 designated locations, have Full Duty Applicant Status and be on the social housing waiting list for at least 6 months. Head of households must be at least18 years of age and must be entitled to Housing Benefit or be able to afford the rental charge.Contact the Smartmove Housing Officer in your area:BelfastNorth Belfast - 07711368513/ 07921064799 - northbelfast1@smartmove-housing.comWest Belfast - 07894096205 - westbelfast@smartmove-housing.comSouth Belfast - 07725688204 - southbelfast@smartmove-housing.comDerry/LondonderryCollon - 07872685206 - collon@smartmove-housing.comWaterside - 07894096209 - waterside@smartmove-housing.comWaterloo -07894096209 - waterloo@smartmove-housing.comOther Areas:Castlereagh - 07834774520 - castlereagh@smartmove-housing.comLisburn - 07834774519 - lisburn@smartmove-housing.comNewry - 07921064797 - newry@smartmove-housing.comDownpatrick - 07711368514 - downpatrick@smartmove-housing.comAntrim - 07834774518 - antrim@smartmove-housing.comBallymena - 07834774517 - For more information about the scheme click on the NI Housing Executive's Frequently asked questions