Developing Volunteering Within the Independent Advice Sector

Advice NI, in partnership with our members, are delighted to announce that we are developing a sector wide Volunteering Strategy that will create a new function within Advice NI’s current services to oversee the development, growth and sustainability of volunteering across the network. 

This initiative will be led by representatives from the Advice NI network, who have come together to form a Volunteering Working Group. 

The main objectives of the working group will be to: -
  • Support and strengthen the volunteering capacity and infrastructure of the independent advice sector
  • Raise the profile of volunteer advice work
  • Provide a consistent approach to recruitment of volunteers across the network
  • Improve the volunteering experience by promoting independent advice as a viable career path
  • Develop volunteer roles and responsibilities
  • Provide learning and development opportunities for volunteers
  • Provide support and supervision for volunteers
  • Recognise the value and promote the benefits of becoming a volunteer within the independent advice sector
If you are interested in joining the Advice NI Volunteering Working Group please contact Arfawn Yasin