Advice NI welcomes visit from Minister to highlight EU Settlement Scheme

As the EU Settlement deadline of 30 June draws closer, Advice NI was pleased to host Kevin Foster, Minister for Future Borders and Immigration, on Tuesday 15 June to discuss the Scheme and the future of Immigration within the UK.

Minister Foster discussed the success of the EU Settlement Scheme so far and thanked Advice NI for the work that has been carried out to support members of the public concerning the Scheme.
Minister Foster stated he was pleased that the new process for emailing EUSS application forms was under way and discussed his commitment to ensuring applicants with vulnerabilities have access to services for immigration applications in the future. We welcomed his comments on the geographical relevance of the Frontier Worker Scheme in Northern Ireland. The Minister acknowledged the unique position of Northern Ireland due to the border with the Republic of Ireland and, consequently, the EU. 
Furthermore, Minister Foster spoke of the potential for simplifying future immigration applications, particularly in relation to utilising applicants’ National Insurance numbers to provide information and evidence of finances. The Minister discussed the paper-heavy nature of some immigration applications, and we welcomed his commitment to improving the current application processes for complex applications, particularly with members of the public who require strong support from advice services. 
Fiona Magee, Deputy Chief Executive, said:
“We are delighted that EU Citizens now have the option to email their EU Settlement Scheme applications as we near closer to the deadline of the 30 June. However, with only 8 days until the deadline we are urging any EU Citizen living in Northern Ireland to seek advice when applying to the Scheme. We feel it is extremely important that EU Citizens continue to work, access health services, and continue sending their children to school. We have a dedicated FREEPHONE number 0800 915 4604 with OISC level 3 advisers willing to assist with any questions, queries and alleviate any fears people may have about the scheme and completing applications. We aim to assist anyone who needs to apply to the Scheme to gain either settled or pre-settled status. We value all communities in Northern Ireland and feel it is important to continue their lives in a country they have chosen to contribute to. We are calling for help from anyone working with vulnerable groups such as the elderly, disabled, non-English speaking & homeless EU Citizens living in NI as we are trying to assist these particularly hard to reach groups.”
Migrant Centre NI said;

“As a member of Advice NI, and a partner working on the project, we appreciate the opportunity to share our work with Minster Foster especially now as we are approaching the end of the grace period.
  • For further information contact Fiona Magee, Deputy Chief Executive, Advice NI on 028 9064 5919
  • Advice NI is the umbrella body for the Independent Advice Network in Northern Ireland and its members dealt with 540,983 enquiries in 2019/2020, the majority being social security benefits related.
  • To date 92,000 EU Citizens have applied to the EU Settlement Scheme from Northern Ireland
  • If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss Citizen living in Northern Ireland, please contact Advice NI FREE multi-lingual service to check if out are eligible for the EU Settlement Scheme..  Advice NI can provide free assistance with proof of identity, eligibility and suitability as well as completing the online application. Call 0800 915 4604 or email
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