Advice NI Tipped for Top Teamwork

Advice NI and its partners were delighted to receive the Team Up and Save the Day Award at the CO3 Awards recently. 

The award recognised the huge team effort that went into operating the Covid-19 Community Helpline, which Advice NI and the Independent Advice Network was tasked with operating in the spring of 2020. The helpline provided non-medical advice for pandemic and was the main referral channel for Health Trusts, Councils and Community Organisations.

Bob Stronge, Advice NI CEO paid tribute to all of the individuals and organisations who were recognised with the award.

“Every single member of Advice NI staff was retrained and deployed to the Covid-19 Community Helpline, they were joined by over 100 volunteers from other agencies such as global accounting firm PWC. We worked in partnership with the Departments of Health and Communities, the Public Health Agency, all Northern Ireland Health Trusts and Councils as well as the wider community and voluntary sector. Even more impressively, almost all of this was done with all staff and volunteers working from home wherever possible.

This award is just the beginning of the recognition deserved by every member of the wider team in helping thousands of people during the pandemic.”